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Ngiliqhawe! Ndiri Gamba! I am a Hero! 


Join us as we celebrate Zimbabwe’s 42nd Independence Day at our signature, virtual pop-up camp led by our founder & CEO, Dr. Tanyaradzwa Tawengwa.


We will learn about the history of Zimbabwe’s Chimurenga of 1965 to1980 through the stories of former Freedom Fighters. Our kids will listen to these stories and in each one, identify the virtues of a hero. Together we will assemble all of these virtues into a Hero’s Pledge that we will make as a promise to love and serve our Zimbabwean community.


Date: April 24

Time: 9 AM PST/ 12PM EST/ 6PM CAT

Fee: $20 per child*


*Scholarships are available 

Ngiliqhawe! Ndiri Gamba! I am a Hero!

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